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"THE ACE of DIAMONDS" Victorian Candle Sticks Pair

January 5, 2022

This Victorian Candle Sticks - THE ACE of DIAMONDS- Pair of 19th Century is one of the most fascinating vintage products is presented to you by the Symbol Of Clarity.

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Historical trends of ancient times

A PAIR OF VICTORIAN ACE OF DIAMONDS CANDLESTICKS These candlesticks were manufactured in England in 1897 as souvenirs of Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee. This Pair of brass push up ace of diamond candle sticks 14” tall, marked “THE ACE of DIAMONDS". They are in excellent condition especially for 115 year old candlesticks.


Features and details

These were part of a series made to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. These beautiful candlesticks measure roughly 14 inches tall. They were made in three sizes with the Ace of Diamonds being the largest, then the King, and then the Queen. Two other "Diamond" sets were made sometime after Queen Victoria died in 1901, the Prince and Princess. The Ace of Diamonds is the most sought after of all the pairs. Its Dimensions are 4ʺW × 4ʺD × 10.5ʺH. Its Materials are Brass, Hand-Crafted, Polished.

* Gorgeous Antiques
* Beautiful Shape
* Amazing Color


How to get this beautiful ingredient

For Victorian England enthusiasts, these candles are for you. This is a lovely pair of vintage brass beehive candlesticks. Patina is found on the bottom of the beveled octagonal foot and along the one candles registration number. As you can see the facade has some minor wear for its age. Both pushers works. The pushers on their indicate it may be the older version dating toward more mid 1800s. This pair of candlesticks is very sought after by collectors , stem and base are cast separately and the foot is riveted together. If you are interested in buying antiques then please visit our store. Or You can visit our online store page,

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